1. The information, provided by each club, on the website include the introduction of
  the club, achievement exhibition, exclusive activity list, and an editable page.
2. Every club owns their exclusive chatroom, which should be created by each club  
  to allow the participation of freshmen.
3. A poster wall is provided on the homepage of the website (poster size: A1, with a
  maximum file size 2MB).
4. Clubs successfully signed up are qualified for the selection of the livestream of
  LuMing and XiaoFu Square.
5. The livestreams carry a larger capacity, with only two programs each period and 10
  minutes each program.
6. Expected livestream time: Sept. 22-24 19:00-20:00, Sept. 25-26 10:00-12:00,





Signing up for online club expo

Aug. 13 (Fri.) 09:00~Aug. 19 (Thu.) 17:00

Announcing the participating clubs

Aug. 24 (Tue.) 14:00

Signing up for livestreams

Aug. 25 (Wed.) 09:00~Aug. 27 (Fri.) 17:00

Announcing the admission list of livestreams 

Aug. 31 (Tue.) 14:00

E-mailing the accounts and passwords

Expected Aug. 31 (Tue.)

Online preparation

Expected Sept. 1 (Wed.)

Activity dates 

Sept. 22~26


Person in charge: Zoe Lai

Tel: 02-3366-2064 # 20/#27990


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